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About Us

Bilancia was developed by Sylvie Lapointe, creator of Esthetique Facial Angle Ltee, established in 1987. A graduate of  Versailles Academy and of Ottawa University, Mrs. Lapointe’s expertise in esthetics and skin care spans over 32 years. She started her carreer working with conventional  cosmetics and skin care,  slowly watching the demand grow for safer, ecologically friendly, high quality all natural skin care products, this fueled  her to create Bilancia Skin Care.


Truly natural skin care, naturally
With the harsh conditions your skin faces every day, doesn’t it make sense to use only the safest, highest quality, all natural skin care products? We think so. It was this philosophy that inspired Bilancia.

Bilancia means balance,  balance in body, mind and with the  environment we live in.
That’s why we choose the best products, containing 100% natural sourced ingredients. Our truly natural skin care products have been ranked “ the safest products to apply to your skin” and have a lower impact on the environment. Plus, all natural products are organic and self-preserving, meaning they have a longer shelf life and don’t contain chemical preservatives.

We like to keep it local
All of our products are developed in Canada. We are proud to reduce our environmental footprint and to encourage Canadian industry.

We want to thank you  for supporting Bilancia Skincare, in doing so, you are contributing to support local business & I beleive , our planet.


Contact us:

CUSTOMER CARE 613.238.2035